7 avril 2009

Lunchtime seminar at the World Health Organization's headquarters

The RAFT is invited at the WHO's headquarter lunchtime seminar. As several groups at WHO collaborate with the RAFT, this is the occasion to strengthen and synergize collaborations. Collaborations currently include:

- the production, since 2004, of distance education courses by the Department of Reproductive Health and Research, a project led by Dr. Heli Bathija,
- the production, since 2008, of distance education courses by the Global Challenge on Patient Safety, and in particular its program on hospital hygiene (Clean Care is Safer Care) led by Prof. Didier Pittet;
- a strategic collaboration with the eHealth Unit lead by Dr. Najeeb Al-Shorabiji,
- a collaboration with the WHO library and the Health-On-the-Net Foundation,
- a collaboration with the Global Observatory for eHealth and the International Medical Informatics Association.
At this occasion, new opportunities for collaboration have been identified, as well as the need for more coordination, which will be led by WHO's eHealth unit and should result in a formal MoU between WHO and the RAFT.

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